miledrive - turning goals into visible results

Corporate culture either is developed or it evolves.

Corporate culture does not care about strategy; instead, it is always realised on its own terms unless it is developed actively. Do you know which is prevalent at your company: a corporate culture that supports the strategy or one that prevents its realisation? You can only develop what you know.

Understanding as part of teamwork – turning goals into visible results

Do you know what kind of culture prevails in your team, in which direction it should be developed and with which methods, so that the strategic goals can be achieved?

Employee experiences and customer experiences are created in daily life on a constant basis: these experiences should be developed systematically or they evolve by themselves – and not necessarily in the desired direction. These experiences in daily life constitute a culture that works either as a propulsive or counter force for strategy: in terms of a successful implementation of the strategy, the prevailing culture holds a key role.

The Miledrive service helps you identity the current status of your team culture, and you receive tailored, concrete tools for developing the experiences in the correct direction, so the strategy can be implemented and the goals be achieved.

People constitute the culture

Miledrive is the only service that measures and develops work culture and atmosphere from a comprehensive idea of man. We do not report figures but concrete observations that promote the implementation of the strategy, and boldly propose measures enhancing the realisation of this strategy to the team level.

Impact is produced at the team level

Corporate culture is not one big entity that can be developed at the corporate level. The bigger the company, the greater the number of subcultures within it – good ones and bad ones. Each team’s strengths and sore points, and the solutions to them, can only be discovered by getting at the subcultures at the team level. How teams ultimately function in daily life is the culture of the organisation. Developing the operation of the teams has an impact on the whole business – this generates a genuine change in the culture.

Differences between teams come up by means of measurements. Miledrive helps understand team-specific needs, so you develop the correct issues.

Miledrive provides the tools for the strategic development of corporate culture

Miledrive is a service that helps you find the features of your corporate culture that prevent the realisation of corporate culture and the development of business operations. By using Miledrive, we chart your strengths, prioritise development measures, and support development in daily work. It is only by changing the daily lives of the teams that we can achieve positive changes in the motivation, commitment and satisfaction of personnel – and thus in the implementation of the company’s strategy.

Miledrive charts the current status of your company and gives answers to the important questions:

  • What kind of culture supports the realisation of your company’s strategy?
  • What kind of culture is currently prevalent at the company?
  • How should it be developed to enable the implementation of the strategy?

Miledrive is

  • Strategic
    We link the development of corporate culture to the company’s strategy.
  • Influential
    We help teams identify and develop their own sore points, under the management of the team leader.
  • Human-oriented 
    Our service has a comprehensive attitude towards humans.
  • Forward-leading 
    We do not simply measure but provide support for the development of the culture.
  • Concrete
    Our recommendations for development are practical and understandable.
  • Quick
    We get going right away, and the effects are visible in just a week’s time.


We examine the operating environment of your company so we understand the conditions and can measure the actual current state of your corporate culture. We find out the greatest strengths and sore points of your company, and the reasons for them.


We find the right measures and tools for the team level on how daily practices and supervisory work can be developed in order to attain a positive change. This way, we can extract even more from your strengths, and potential that remains unutilized can be brought to the company’s disposal.


We support work on development targets in the daily work of the company, with the help of digital tools. We help activate people to join the process, and monitor the realisation of change.


Miledrive offers the support from the community.